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the story 

Amidst the chaos and confusion that surrounded the year of 2020, a clothing brand was created. This brand sought ways in which it could inspire, ways it could innovate, and ways it could help those in need. Combining creation, with that of the desire to help others, Crew Morrow (founder) established orangejuice in March of 2020.(a time when the corona virus was at its climax) Looking for ways to provide relief, Crew designed his first hoodies on March 13, 2020. Not much later, those same hoodies released to the public and 100 percent of the proceeds went to those affected by the coronavirus. Providing over 3000 meals. Fast forward 2 years later and orangejuice has returned, but this time to join the fight and stand with Ukraine.  

what is orangejuice's next goal?

Now in 2022, orangejuice (and the rest of the world) are witness to the belligerent Russian invasion of the free territory of Ukraine. Millions of innocent civilians have been displaced, losing their homes, loved ones, and in many cases their lives. In response, orangejuice has already donated the remainder of its stock along with packaged toys and essentials for the displaced children of Ukraine. Additionally, orangejuice prepares to launch a new clothing line that includes Ukraine inspired designs. The proceeds from said designs will be donated to MercyChefs, a non profit disaster relief organization that is greatly helping the fight for Ukraine through food donation. ORANGEJUICE STANDS WITH UKRAINE. 


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